Decide on a Theme For Your Low Cost Web Design – Information Value Vs Monetization

Most internet users are searching on the internet for a product or service, in other words, information. That is what drives the spiraling use if the internet. One fact that has emerged from market analysis is that people are more likely to turn to the internet for help than picking up the yellow pages. Most cellular phones have instant access to search engine facility.

Will your website have the information they are looking for, will they consider it credible and will they be willing to return. Is your intended website focused on providing solutions to the problem the visitor is experiencing? If the answer is yes, bingo. Sadly this is only the case with less than 3 % of all websites. Most websites are geared toward selling rather than marketing or building trust.

So how does deciding on a theme based site design get my website plans on the road to perpetual success? This approach succeeds in generating traffic, building trust and eventually converting the website visitor to a long term customer as well as building your website monetizing potential.

Let us look at a hypothetical scenario of an average small to medium business who desires to have a web presence. Take Joe Smith, who owns a Hydraulic repair business. Now Joe has been in business for a number of years. He is of the opinion that he can expand his business beyond his hometown base. Paper advertising together with word of mouth referrals has been their main source of business and advertising in major national papers has only brought limited success. You see Joe’s expertise is primarily called on only when a hydraulic component fails.

At lunchtime he sits down at his computer and enters a phrase HYDRAULIC REPAIRS. He gasps in disbelief as Google returns a search of over 3 million. This is not going to work, he grunts, and signs off. Latter that evening over diner he relates his experience with his wife Betty, who works at the business during the mornings. After dinner, Betty decides to take a look herself. An hour latter she confronts Joe with some news. She found that those businesses are scattered over the country, offer a diverse range of services and only one website offered any real help.

Betty suggests to Joe that she will go through the job cards, summarize all the equipment failures and categorize them. Joe must then give here a short “how to” spiel on preventative maintenance. Betty has unwittingly found a theme for their new low cost website design.

The website will focus on providing free online value content to people who have a hydraulic component problem. Betty intends covering every conceivable aspect of problem shooting to providing workable and usable tips on preventative maintenance.

Joe thinks she is crazy, giving away his so-called business secrets. Betty does not think so. Do you think Betty is crazy? Experts will agree with Betty. However she needs to further explore this niche market and prepare content rich useful information that can be made available instantly. Betty has some plans up her sleeve on how to pay for their website. Make sure you follow Betty’s quest in future publications.

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