Bad Web Designs That Could Destroy Your Image in the Online Community

How do we define a bad website design? And why are there a lot of bad we design techniques being used today? For a regular internet-user, this could create a degree of annoyance. In my personal experience, bad web designs drive me crazy! How on earth could they create such a low-class site considering that there are tons of good web design information available at their disposal? Here is a list of the worst web design techniques that could drive anyone to the edge of sanity.

1. Pop-ups and Broken Back Buttons

· Don’t you just hate websites that has broken your browser back button? Ugh. This can drive you crazy! But what can drive you crazier is when they start hurling pop-ups you way before you could even read the website’s headline. Did they really think that bombarding us with pop ups and locking us down on their page could convince us to buy from them? I don’t think so. I won’t think twice in adding them to my blacklist, that’s what I’m going to do!

2. A Gigantic Flash Intro Screen

· First and foremost, visitors visited your site to see what it is about-review products and services that you sell and not feast their eyes on your flash effects. This is just annoying, to the nth power, especially for someone who has a slow dial-up connection. No way are they going to wait for 5 to 10 minutes for your site to load. The easiest solution is close the browser and move to the next prospect.

3. Horizontal Scrolling

· Everybody hates horizontal scrolling. Period! It’s a lot of hand work and it can drive people nuts. There’s no reason for horizontal scrolling to be present in your website.

4. Snail-like loading Time

· Internet users are impatient. They want to navigate through a website and find what they want as fast as possible. A slow loading site is instantaneously banished from our “good website lists”. Slow loading time is usually caused by cheap web hosting, poor coding, un-optimized and too much graphics.

5. Too Many Banner Ads

· If you want your website to be likened to a classified ads, then bombarding it with 50 banners ads is not a problem. Otherwise, you have to be careful with what you put in there. If you’re selling cellphones, placing banner ads for shoes and batteries doesn’t make sense at all. This could leave potential customers confused.

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