Some Web Design Information For Your Websites

Web design is the art of creating a website using HTTP or HTML. Every website builder first uses a domain name that is related to the motive of building the website. This is the main first step towards creating a website and an interesting name ensures great user response. The next step is selecting a template from thousands of available designs. It provides the foundation for the diagrammatic framework of a website.

The third step is web page creation where one can create varied pages like about us, home, contact us and so on depending on one’s requirements. One then provides the information in these pages that can be textual or images or it can even be video. That is anything depicting the content of the website. Thus web designing is relatively easier as anyone can try a hand at it. After all the content is provided, one can simply watch his / her own website on the internet. One can even change the information or add new information whenever required. Even the template can be altered and updates can be made. The highlight of web design is that one can achieve this at relatively less price.

However one can make terrible mistakes while creating a website and hence one must keep in mind certain matters. A website must not be disorganized as organisation is the key. A website with too many links and highlights can puzzle the user making him quit the idea of browsing it. A cluttered website is despised by any user and hence one must have a clear idea what one exactly wants to represent.

Every inch of the website need not be filled with a riot of colours as this can cause the website to look too bright.White areas are desirable too and lend the proper sophistication to the website. One must have control over the various aspects of the website like font, colour and font size. One can use italics and bold and also different colours but to a certain extent only such that not everything is made to look important.

While creating menus a designer must not go overboard with using flash such that the user is confused. Flash must be used to give the website a certain edge over others but the content and illustration must be simple and easy to follow. Splash pages too must not overkill the appeal of the website and annoy the user such that he is driven away from the website.

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