What to Look For in a Small Business Web Design Company

Your business needs a website. It is often considered the ‘face’ of your company and so it is important to make the best first impression possible because your competition is literally one or two clicks away. So, how do you go about getting the best small business web design for your company?

Do Some Research

To get started, you should take a look at your competitor’s websites and see what they are doing. See what works, what doesn’t work and what you would like to see on your own site. Take some notes and list the sites you really like and why you like them. This will be important when choosing a web designer because you want to find a designer who can create when you envision. Not all designers are created equal – and it’s important to know what you want when you get started.

Ask Around

Word of mouth referrals are often the best source of web design information. Find someone who is happy with their website and ask for contact information. Be cautious: you really don’t want your website built by your friend’s wife or other relative/friend/hairdresser. It will show in the final product – I promise.

You Get What You Pay For

That said, hiring an overseas company is dicey for a few reasons. These companies tend to pop up and quickly disappear, leaving you and your website hanging. You might only pay 25% of what you would pay another company, but is it worth it in the long run? No.

Stand the Test of Time

Another consideration in your search for the best small business web design company is length of time in the business. Your website should not be a static, one-time only job and the best people to make updates, fixed and suggest ways to drive more traffic to your site are the people who built the site. I’ve seen freelancers come and go and often I will get their old clients because the freelancer ran out of time and couldn’t finish or update their site. You want a company that’s been around for a while and has solid references.

You’ve Got the Look

Once you have a few companies that appeal to you and your business, take a look at their business websites. Are they dated looking? Do they have broken links? Broken images? Look at their portfolio. Do the designs shown look like something you would want to see in a website? On that note, don’t choose a designer based on flash and ‘wow-factor’ unless that is absolutely what you are looking for. Most websites don’t benefit from a lot of showy items. Remember, the most important thing your website can do is get the visitor to follow your call to action, be it make the purchase, fill out the form, or give you a call.

And the Winner is…

There are a lot of designers out there. Take the time to do your homework and find a good fit for you – and your business.

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